Best Kept Secrets of State Farm Insurance

  • 23 November, 2020
  • By Admin
Best Kept Secrets of State Farm Insurance

Google instant is a feature that predicts what you’re searching for and shows the result as you type. It is Google’s auto completed technology to show predicted search terms in a drop-down box and begins to display results below the drop-down. This is an approach made by Google to help get better search results faster, at near instant speed.

Google Instant can be turned off with the button on the upper right-hand corner of the search text area.

This feature peeks at what you are typing into Google search box and begins to guess what you are looking for and changes the search results page even as you type while they are suggesting search queries for you. Google introduced this feature to speed up the pace of information of a user’s query also helping users see all the suggested results that they might have missed when typing in a longer query.

What we think is Google instant gives SEO specialist a better understanding of how important it is to be in the top ranks of search results. Now with this feature, you have chances of getting more traffic only if you’re in range of Google instant’s real-time results range.

Google instant don’t really affect rankings and don’t pose any threat to change SEO methods and practices. People will definitely want to be on the first-place results now that the game is played real-time as you go typing query.

From a technical viewpoint, SEO marketing will not be affected by Google’s new Instant search feature. Actual results displayed remain same for every keyword search, but over time public may learn to search differently. This may lead to difficulty in predicting searching keywords and search behavior.

Users now are acquiring the habit of refining their search queries, based on the instant feedback they see on the screen. Before this feature was introduced, users run a search query then browse through several pages to see if they find what they’re looking for.

With Instant search, it’s common for users to tweak their query or flip through the suggested results by simply hitting the arrow keys. This has made even less likely that a user will see your site if it is listed down the bottom of the page.

With all these said, for those that understand what SEO is, SEO will never die. Techniques for SEO are ever-changing and though Google Instant Search will not kill SEO, there may be some changes to look out for in terms of user search behavior which may impact SEO strategy.

Though with these, top ranking is now more important than ever. Now users are less likely to scroll below the fold as related results are instantly reconfigured as the search query is completed. Instead of clicking multiple sites after query, people are now influenced to refine their query and get the pages at the top they want the information of. With Google Instant the process of searching has changed but the technical aspects of SEO are the same.

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