Top 9 questions about online marketing that you are dying to ask.

By: Bluegum Creations
Saturday, 18th November 2017
Top 9 questions about online marketing that you are dying to ask.

Online marketing is essential to compete in the online world, but many terms come around it can confuse a lot of small business owners. The basic strategy of online marketing is focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and search engine marketing. Many online marketing efforts are tied to a multi channel strategy supported by SEO and websites often use landing pages to capture the inbound leads generated by these peripheral channels.

Here are some questions and answer about online marketing:

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are used in pay per click (PPC) campaigns. They are designed for when people click on a specific campaign link- such as paid search result on Google, they will land on a related page. They are highly targeted to a specific situation in which a business’s products or services can succeed by being sold to a kind or group of people related to the keyword that was targeted in the PPC campaigns.

What are Optimized pages?

Optimized pages are like landing pages but not the same. Marketers often optimize specific pages based on certain keywords so that they will be ranked higher than their homepage. This is done to ensure the most relevant page with the highest chance of conversion is clicked on.

What are they used for?

Landing pages are used in paid campaigns, where you can manually designate a destination for a link whereas optimized pages are used when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and organic results are needed for a specific keyword.

Why Would I Still Need a Homepage?

Optimized and Landing pages account a large source of traffic but not everything. The remaining traffic may be from word of mouth, offline marketing campaigns or promotional events, and this traffic isn’t targeted.

It is essential for users who may not be targeted in their purchasing decision or segmented into a buyer journey yet.

Why do I Also Need a Landing Page?

The optimizing homepage is essential and equally important is the Landing page. They provide the most engaging experience for users and give you the opportunity to hold their attention long enough to demonstrate your relevant proposition to them.

Landing pages are useful when you give incentive email subscription. As even if they leave your website without purchasing or converting, you can now re-market to them, such triggering a cart abandonment sequence.

How Do I Optimize a Landing Page for Online Marketing?

Optimizing a landing page is to quickly demonstrate value without irritating them with invaluable or spam messages. Popovers are most effective form of messaging on landing pages.

They can also help increase email marketing subscription list. Popovers are no longer the annoying second window, but more of what is called a lightbox with a relevant message that appears after an allotted time which the user can easily close.

There are alternative ways to make sure your landing page conveys its messaging or purpose quickly. By aiming to have a 1:1 ratio of conversion points to non-conversion based links, you’ll be leading people towards a positive outcome for conversion rates.

What Is the Benefit of Optimizing My Landing Pages?

Always the goal of your business is to convert visitors into customers. The rate at which your total numbers of visitors to your website convert to purchase something.

Conversions also refer to some activities like downloading an e-book or subscribing to your email database. With the help of goal-based analytics on your landing pages, you will start to see how effective they are for achieving specific marketing or sales goals you have on your business.

Top 9 Questions about Online Marketing That You’re Dying to Ask

How Do I Make Sure My Landing Pages are Effective?

It is a good idea to use marketing software available to small business owners who are interested in conversion rate optimization which is also suited to small business budgets. One of the most useful methods of testing audiences is with the use of A/B testing.

It is a simple process of testing a hypothesis. For example, you will present 50% of your visitor’s one button, text or image and other 50% another. Pretty soon you’ll realize which is more effective at engagement or conversion for your market.

How Do I Make Sure My Messaging Isn’t Annoying?

Nowadays there are more mobile users than desktop users on the internet. Make sure the popovers have been made responsive else it will be very annoying if it doesn’t render well or you can’t close easily on a mobile device however important its proposition is.

For landing pages which are frequently visited, it is a good idea to implement cookie tracking. By tracking cookies, you’re able to disable popovers for those people who have seen it previously.

The primary target of any business is maximizing the return on investment. They are based on the principle of demonstrating a value proposition at the right time in the right place to create maximum relevancy and usability for the visitors.