Compute with your competitor’s rankings, traffic, and leads by SEO

By: Bluegum Creations
Tuesday, 12th December 2017
Compute with your competitor’s rankings, traffic, and leads by SEO

SEO is a process that doesn’t give the result within nights. Moreover, SEO requires months of practice in minimum to show some basic results against competitor. You must be very careful and learn what’s worth and what isn’t. But, after this article, you can work smarter than working harder. You could save yourself a good amount of time and budget skipping various trails and testing.

You can actually directly analyze your competitors content, copy their strategies and skip the lengthy process. In this article, you can use these 4 ways to steal your competitor’s traffic and ranking.

  1. Steal their backlinks

Backlinks give a lot when it comes to SEO. Backlinks also keep the potential of increasing your ranking, drive high traffic to your site and popularize your brand.

The highest-ranking blog on Google has a very good number of backlinks. Also, Backlinks build your brand as they generate a good amount of traffic too. When you bring brand in front of new audiences, you will grow traffic and eventually leads.

To explore their backlinks, you can use MOZ’s Open Site Explorer. Enter their link into the URL bar. Navigate to “Compare Link Metrics” and analyze your competitor is worthwhile to steal for links. Scroll to “Root Domain Metrics” and see number links their entire site has. If they have thousands of them, it’s definitely worthwhile. If they only have few, skip it.

Go to inbound link section, and see all the links of the entire site and focus on external backlinks. Also, notice on the Domain Authority (DA) button to sort the list by top-ranking sites.

With all these filters, now dig in their links. Now you will get all top backlinks. Find the sites that are excellent and notice how those links were acquired. Mine the best links as parameterized by MOZ.

Also, if you are able to run a study or publish a case study and a proprietary data set, you can earn links more than with anything other. For that create a quick survey on Google Forms and blast it on your social media and email lists.

  1. Hijack their keywords

This is a very difficult task, as it takes a long time to find the long-tail keywords that are worth your time. But, the good news is that you can bypass the time spent doing the keyword search. The easier method is to hijack keywords and use it against them.
Alexa is helpful with this. Head to Alexa’s Site Info Tool and plug in your competition. You will find any site’s traffic from organic search. Moreover, Alexa gives you top 5 keywords that a given site is ranking for. If you created a free trial account on it, you will get multiple other features that will sock you.

  1. Create better content than them by improving on their ideas

A better content helps you more than anything when it comes to driving more traffic, leads and better rankings. Just by some basic effort, you can steal ideas and improve it to outrank your competition. By an analysis done by Orbit Media data, a marketer writes a blog post over 1000 words in length. But, when you want that 1st rank, that won’t be enough. Top 10 ranking content is found at least above 1700 words.

Probability is that your competitor is writing around 1000-word post. Also, take their post make it even better adding another 1000 words. You can outrank them and steal their leads.

Get started by using BuzzSumo and search for their top-performing content.

  1. Be faster than your competitor

Due to some recent updated by Google, the importance of page speed has increased. It directly affects your SEO. The longer time a page takes to load, higher its bounce rate is. To know how fast your competitor’s speed is, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights Tool. Test it on your competitor’s website. If you notice their speed levels are not satisfactory on mobile or desktop, you can outrank them easily.

One of the best ways to improve speed is by compressing images. You can use WP SMUSH plugin for this purpose.