Get the most out of SEO

By: Bluegum Creations
Tuesday, 5th December 2017
Get the most out of SEO

Small Business SEO- Search Engine Organic results listing.

Online marketing is marketing your service and products via the internet. We all use Google to get the information we want by searching using different keywords. Google helps us by listing different websites related to the keyword we use to search. Google gives us thousands of results. They are also known as normal ‘organic’ results but how do we get listed on the first page?

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO in short) is an act of getting listed in normal organic results. It is more related to the content of the site rather than site design. Mainly, for small business SEO, it is vital to have good unique content that offers value to the searcher.

Get the most out of SEO

Google implements one or two modifications to their ranking algorithm regularly. Therefore, SEO is a long-term strategy. You cannot expect to achieve it within nights. You should keep the pace with changing Google to adapt to the online environment.

Sub Headings

SEO is a long-term process of optimizing the content and structure of your web pages along with an ongoing campaign to acquire links to your site from other relevant sites. Some of the HTML tags that help in SEO are meta, img alt, heading (h1, h2, h3 …) etc.

It is better to start by ensuring the meta titles of your pages are different to each other and are keyword focused. For example, if your company is selling widgets you might have a page with the meta title “Widget sales”, another titled “Designer Widgets” or “Discount Widgets” etc.

When your contents are ready with meta titles, now another way to help your website with the search engine is to get other relevant websites to link to yours, the more incoming links you can get the better as search engines see good links as votes for your site, the more ‘votes’ your site gets, the more the search engines tend to list your site in search results.

It is important that you get links from sites that are relevant to your business. They are more influential than general directories so do try to get some. If there are online directories that specialize in your industry get the listing in those and see if you can get a listing from any professional or industry association you might get membership in.

Market Place Watch / Business Directories

In the market, there are several online directories such as Hotfrog, Yellowpages, Truelocal etc that can be very helpful. It is more effective when the linking sites can include your target keywords in the anchor text. It is better than just using the title of your website.

After all these you might be wondering how long it takes to get the required result? After Google gets aware of a site, it puts it in the queue for the robots to crawl. It will then try to figure out if the site is good enough to get listed for searches also judging the local areas of the sites.  Then, after some weeks to begin getting the listing, even for your own business name or domain name.

There are several options available to you to make sure Google is aware of the site, the simplest being submit it to Google here. Also, another like Bing you can submit to eventually helping you get to Yahoo.

To get more satisfied, you could start a Google tools account where you can do things like verify your ownership of your site, set canonical and geographical preference and other webmaster tasks.